Contractor Accountants Manchester

You'll be looking for an accountant that's responsive and really gets to know you. One that goes further than just answering your questions and provides unprovoked advice on areas that you may have overlooked. Making sure that you have all the key knowledge for healthy accounts and a healthy business.

The Accountancy People Many Contractor Accountants
No Call Centres X
Cover the cost of HMRC investigations X
Local based staff you can meet and get to know X
Small firm care, not big business bonuses X
Strong Guarantees X
Meeting to get to know you X
3 Offices in Greater Manchester X
Phone, Skype or Facetime X
Competitive flexible Fees X
Try us for a trial period X
Referral Scheme – Forever Free X
Offer Fixed Fees X
Award Winning Accountants X
‘Chartered’ in their name X
Advice in other accountancy areas X
Online or Spreadsheet based book keeping X

Take a look at our client case studies which show the difference that can be made through getting to know our clients.

At Your Service

Busy in the week? Let’s meet up Saturday.

No worries, you’ll always know what tax is owed, what to do and by when.

Fixed fees and a money back guarantee.

Contracting made easy with our New Contractor Survival Kit.

Life made easy with great technology and an amazing team of people to help you.

Unique Forever Free referral scheme.

Great coffee and luxury chocolate biscuits.

What Should You Look Out For When Choosing a Freelance or Contractor Accountant?

Getting To Know You

We want to get to know you either by meeting up, or through the wonders of modern technology – Telephone (!), Facetime or Skype.
Getting to know you means we can give you bespoke advice, helping you get the financial outcomes you’re looking for.

So can my Contractor Accountant get me to pay less tax than Starbucks?

Accountants don’t have ‘special deals’ with the tax man, you will need to pay some tax – see James’s blog on  ‘the Jimmy Carr’ question.  We do look carefully at your finances to make sure you do everything sensible to maximise  your take home pay including:

  • Claiming all allowable expenses
  • Looking at the timing of your personal income between tax years
  • Looking at how you pay yourself and those who help you
  • Making Pension contributions – company or private
  • How you pay for life cover
  • Our resident tax expert, is constantly on the look out for new ways to save you tax.

We like to meet, understand what you want and then advise and help you to the best of our ability.  We believe this is time well spent – we are never wasting your time talking.

Unqualified Contractor Accountants can seriously damage your wealth

Accountancy and Accountant are not restricted words – anyone can use them.  Do you want to be advised by someone without the proper training, practical experience and professionalism which results from qualifications?  When you are choosing an Accountant look for one with the word Chartered in their title.   This means that they have passed rigorous exams, gained years of relevant experience, have continually updated their knowledge and will be overseen by their professional body. We can proudly say that James is a Chartered Accountant and Paul is a Chartered Certified Accountant.

James’s personal guarantee

“I offer guaranteed response times to give your enquiries urgency and eliminate your frustration. I will guarantee to get back to you within a day if you call us, send an email or even if you write us a traditional letter. Should we fail (we won’t!), you get that month’s fees free. In some cases a problem needs reflection and consideration, so it would be inappropriate to rush back to you – but we will still let you know what we are doing within a day. The important thing is that you will always be kept informed. Guaranteed.”

Great advice and a personal service…are you expensive?

Our fees are competitive, are fixed and you will only pay what has been agreed in advance.  You need to produce (we will prepare for you!) accounts for the company, a tax return for you and the company, VAT returns, an annual return to Companies House and a payroll, and also keep the books in order.  We have an all inclusive package that provides all these services for just £109 per month.  Because we are an independent firm we can be flexible: we can decide what you need us to do and what you want to do when we meet, and adjust the fees up or down accordingly.

Small firm care or big business bonuses?

James and Paul have constructed a close knit team so you don’t have to deal with a faceless corporation.  We invest in well qualified staff rather than having big business expensive overheads.  So you can meet or speak to your personal contractor accountant whenever you want – a simple concept but surprisingly rare to find!

I’m a contractor, what do I need to do?

As much or as little as you choose.  You can use our industry leading online software Xero, our carefully constructed suite of spreadsheets, or just keep your paperwork and leave the rest to us.  As specialist freelance and contractor accountants we know you are busy so we can even raise your sales invoices if you require.  You are welcome to our offices to drop off your paperwork any time, why not stay and have a coffee and a biscuit?

What’s IR35? – Should I be scared?

IR35 is a bit of tax legislation that says (in summary) if you act like an employee you must be taxed like an employee.  Does this matter?  The answer is yes!  This is because:

  • Employees pay a lot more national insurance
  • Employees can only claim very limited expenses
  • You don’t want to be investigated for this by the Revenue

It’s really important that we as your contractor accountants check this out.  This will ensure you benefit from the tax savings and don’t get a surprise tax bill on investigation.

Contractor Accounting and beyond

Many contractor and freelancer accountants focus only on accounts but we know there is so much more to accounting! We have worked with many businesses and want you to benefit from our experience. Take a look at our general practice website to find out more. We can – and do – go beyond accounts and offer these other fantastic services:

  • Goals – spending time properly thinking through your financial goals so you decide your own financial future
  • Inheritance tax (IHT) planning for you, your parents or protecting your family from nursing home fees
  • Capital gains tax (CGT) advice

In partnership with recommended financial advisors:

  • Pensions – retirement planning and pension payments
  • Security – thinking through the financial effects of ill health

How can we help?

We’d really like to hear from you. Please call James on 0161 947 9207.